Prime minister inaugurates biogas plant at Stord

April 2022

Finally, we can mark the start of production at our biogas plant at Eldøyane in Stord. Thanks to new and groundbreaking technology, we have the most efficient biogas plant in Norway. This is an anniversary for us, our partners and for the industry, says Jan Kåre Pedersen, General Manager at Renevo.

Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre was responsible for the official opening of the biogas plant at Stord.

“This facility gives a very good picture of what circular economy is. It is also a showcase for new technology – a technology that makes what used to be a waste problem a major resource. This makes this facility bigger than itself,” said Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre.

Environmentally friendly concept

Thanks to good access to raw materials from local farmers and the aquaculture industry, Renevo now supplies its customers with liquid biogas (LBG), biofertilizer and green CO2.

Renevo also supplies liquefied natural gas (LNG) to private households, public buildings and businesses via its own local pipeline network.

“This is the green shift in practice. We accept raw materials from farms and the aquaculture industry, and turn it into a valuable resource that benefits society as a whole in the form of renewable energy and an emission-free fuel alternative. The residual product from gas production is clean and efficient biofertilizer,” says Pedersen.

The core of the biogas plant is the ten bioreactors, based on unique Norwegian technology provided by Antec Biogas AS. The French company Cryo Pur has delivered the upgrade facility, while Alltec Services AS has been responsible for the installation of the various components at Eldøyane on Stord.

The official opening of Renevo’s first biogas plant marks an important milestone for the company.

“This is the start of a new era in renewable energy production in Norway. Our goal is to build ten biogas plants in the country, with a total production of 1 TWh each year. Stord was first out, plant number two coming in Etne,” says Pedersen.

While the plant at Stord has a capacity of 60 GWh, the etne production plant will have a capacity of as much as 115 GWh.

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