Our vision

Cryo Pur provides an innovative response to three major challenges that our societies are facing, namely climate change, air pollution and energy dependency.

Producing a renewable alternative to diesel

Biomethane and bio-LNG are renewable energies produced from organic waste that reduce GHG emissions by more than 80% compared with diesel. Using these fuels is key to the energy transition towards a carbon-neutral energy mix.

Thanks to its advanced technology, the Cryo Pur system produces bio-LNG with a high energy efficiency.

In the road transport sector, bio-LNG is the only sustainable solution for long-haul heavy goods vehicles, enabling an autonomy of up to 1,500 km.

Bio-LNG used as a renewable fuel leads to a significant reduction in harmful emissions compared with diesel: -70% NOx emissions and no emission of fine particles, which contributes to maintaining clean air and protecting public health.

Developing a local circular economy

Cryo Pur opens the way to many waste valorization projects, enabling farmers, communities and businesses to produce their own energy from organic waste, and participates in the development of a local circular economy, through the creation of a new carbon-neutral and decentralized energy infrastructure.

In addition to bio-LNG, the Cryo Pur technology produces liquid and pure bio-CO2, which can be sold for numerous applications (dry ice, greenhouses, refrigerated transport…), and thus improves both the economics and the environmental footprint of biomethane projects.

Cryo Pur contributes to reducing the dependency to fossil fuel imports, while generating additional income – particularly for farmers – and consolidating a local, environmentally responsible economy.