Our solutions

Cryo Fuel

Production of Bio-LNG vehicle fuel - directly from raw biogas


To transform raw biogas into a valuable fuel for heavy vehicles, Cryo Pur has developed the first integrated solution for biogas upgrading and biomethane liquefaction. Highly efficient for a wide range of flowrates, it also offers the option to produce liquid bio-CO2.


  • Bio-LNG @ 2 bar / -160°C

  • Option: liquid CO2 production

  • CH4 recovery rate: >99.5%

  • Electrical consumption: 0.8 kWhe/Nm3 raw biogas

  • CO2 < 50 ppm

  • Additional benefit: heat recovery

Cryo LNG

Liquefaction of biomethane or natural gas


In order to be used as a fuel by long-haul trucks, methane must be delivered in liquid form at low pressure and very low temperature. The Cryo LNG solution enables to liquefy upgraded biomethane, grid gas or boil-off-gas with optimum efficiency for a range of micro-scale flowrates.


  • LNG @ 2 bar / -160°C

  • 2 to 50 tons per day LNG

  • Option: polishing to reach CO2 < 50 ppm

  • CH4 recovery rate 100%

  • Electrical consumption: 0,8 kWe/kg LNG

  • Easy installation & operation

  • Adapted to various flow rates and composition

Cryo Flare

Production of LNG as an alternative to flaring gas at oil production sites


Adapted to the recovery of associated gas at small-scale oil wells, the Cryo Flare solution enables to eliminate flare gas and to create extra revenues by producing LNG (and LPG) which can be easily transported and sold to remote markets. It is an environment-friendly alternative to routine flaring of small gas quantities.


  • LNG @ 2 bar / -160°C or 15 bar / -120°C

  • 500 – 5000 Nm3/h flare gas (0.5 – 5 MMSCFD)

  • Recovery of Natural Gas Liquids – Option: LPG production

  • Option: Required electricity generated on-site (micro-turbine)

  • Easy installation & operation

  • High flexibility to flow and composition variations

Cryo Dist

Production of biomethane from landfill gas (LFG)


Landfill gases contain up to 20-30% of air, which makes them more complex to upgrade. Cryogenic distillation allows to efficiently remove nitrogen and oxygen from biomethane, allowing Cryo Pur to offer a unique solution to landfills aiming at producing upgraded biomethane, in gaseous or in liquid form.


  • N2 and O2 separation

  • Electrical consumption: 0.5 kWhe/Nm3 raw biogas

  • CH4 recovery rate : 99%

  • Additional benefit: heat recovery

  • Options: liquid bio-CO2 production, bio-LNG production

Cryo Haul

Production of liquid biomethane for remote injection or combustion


For the biogas production sites with no access to the natural gas grid, the Cryo Pur process allows to produce biomethane in liquid form, easy to store and to transport to an injection site, an industrial site or a compressed Vehicle Gas station.


  • Bio-LNG @ 15 bar / - 120°C

  • Option: liquid bio-CO2 production

  • CH4 recovery rate: >99.5%

  • Electrical consumption: 0.6 kWhe/Nm3 raw biogas

  • CO2 < 3 000 ppm

  • Additional benefit: heat recovery

Cryo CO2

Production of gaseous biomethane for injection into the gas grid and production of liquid bio-CO2


Thanks to its unique CO2 frosting/defrosting process, the Cryo Pur system combines efficiently biogas upgrading and production of high-purity CO2 in liquid form. It offers a solution adapted to projects aiming at valorizing both gaseous biomethane and liquid bio-CO2.


  • Biomethane purity: >98% CH4

  • Electrical consumption: 0.4 kWhe/Nm3 raw biogas

  • CH4 recovery rate: 100%

  • Additional benefit: heat recovery

  • Bio-CO2 liquefaction

A broad product range

Cryo Pur technology is adapted to biogas projects with flows ranging from 200 Nm3/h to 2 000 Nm3/h raw biogas.

Product Nominal biogas flowrate (Nm3/h) Minimal biogas flowrate (Nm3/h) Maximal biogas flowrate (Nm3/h) Nominal bio-LNG production* (t/d) Nominal bio-CO2 production* (t/d)
CP 250 250 125 300 2,3 4,7
CP 500 500 250 600 4,6 9,4
CP 800 800 400 960 7,4 15,1
CP 1000 1000 500 1200 9,2 18,9
CP 1500 1500 750 1800 13,8 28,4
CP 2000 2000 1000 2400 18,5 37,9

* Production is calculated for a biogas composition of 55% CH4 and 45% CO2