In a new article, Cryo Pur highlights the benefits of capturing CO2 from biogas

May 2020

Pôlénergie, the organization supporting the development of the Energy sector in the Hauts-de-France region, dedicates in May a special edition of its newsletter to CO2 capture, a topic now recognized as essential for reaching carbon neutrality by 2050. Denis Clodic, founder and CTO of Cryo Pur, explains in an article the benefits of recovering and using bio-CO2 coming from biogas. Since it originates from the natural capture of CO2 by plants, its use prevents the accumulation of carbon in the atmosphere, unlike CO2 from fossil origin. Bio-CO2 thus offers a clean alternative for numerous applications of CO2 in different industries. The fact that the recovery of this bio-CO2 is coupled to the production of valuable biomethane makes it an economically attractive solution for capturing atmospheric CO2.

Link to the newsletter Pôlénergie May 2020 – Special issue on CO2 (in French) :

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