World first: Cryo Pur confirms the success of the first farm-based bio-LNG plant at Greenville Energy

MAY 2018

Since a successful start in January 2018, the first commercial Cryo Pur unit has been continuously producing bio-LNG at the Greenville Energy site in Northern Ireland.

This confirms the success of the first plant in the world producing liquid biomethane on a farm. With a capacity of 3 tons per day of LNG (300 Nm3/h of raw biogas), the plant provides local industries with storable renewable energy coming from organic waste. In addition to its efficiency in producing bio-LNG even at small scale, the Cryo Pur technology also enables the production of liquid bio-CO2, which can be sold as industrial gas and thus increase the project’s profitability.

According to Denis Clodic, founder and CEO of Cryo Pur: “The Greenville Energy project demonstrates Cryo Pur’s ability to provide a commercial solution that meets the requirements of industrial bio-LNG production, particularly in the agricultural sector where no suitable solution was available. This is an important step in the development of bio-LNG as a solution for recycling organic waste and producing clean fuel.”

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