About us

Cryo Pur is a company specialized in the design and manufacturing of systems for cryogenic biogas upgrading and biomethane liquefaction.

Our international team of engineers, researchers and technicians unite scientific excellence with dynamic industrial design to offer valuable technical solutions to our clients.

Technological innovation is at the core of Cryo Pur. Protected by 7 worldwide patents, Cryo Pur technology offers concrete solutions to the issues surrounding biogas, employing cutting-edge processes to push the limits of energy efficiency.


The Cryo Pur system generates two products from biogas: liquid biomethane (or bio-LNG) and BioCO2. The Cryo Pur system treats biogas generated by all kinds of waste: agricultural waste, industrial waste, sewage sludge and household waste.

Advantages of the Cryo Pur system

Cryogenic biogas upgrading and biomethane liquefaction combined in a single energy-efficient process

The separation of CO2 at a grade of purity high enough for industrial valorization

The separation of air gases (nitrogen and oxygen) during biomethane liquefaction

Advantages of Bio-LNG

Allows efficient biomethane transportation, beyond the reach of the natural gas grid

A sustainable supply of renewable fuel for heavy goods vehicles, characterized by:

  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reduced emissions of fine particles
  • Reduced NOx emissions
  • Reduced noise pollution


October 2003

Denis Clodic and his team from Mines ParisTech University engineer the first laboratory pilot for cryogenic CO2 capture (5kg of CO2/hour).

March 2013

Cryo Pur system selected for the BioGNVAL project as part of the ‘Invest in the Future’ program run by the ADEME (French Environment and Energy Management Agency).

June 2015

Cryo Pur wins the ExpoBiogaz 2015 Innovation Award.

January 2001

Denis Clodic files the first patent on cryogenic CO2 capture.

March 2006

Denis Clodic and his team from Mines ParisTech University engineer a demonstrator for cryogenic CO2 capture on an industrial scale (1T of CO2/day).

May 2015
  • Creation of the Cryo Pur company.

  • Nomination in the start-up category for the Energy Transition Awards held by L’Usine Nouvelle.

cryo pur founder: denis clodic


2015 : President and R&D Director of Cryo Pur

2011 : President and R&D Director of EREIE, a start-up specializing in innovative technologies applied to the field of energy efficiency

1993 : Director of the Center for Energy and Process Engineering at MINES ParisTech university


  • Member of the French Academy of Technologies

  • Co-winner of the Nobel Peace Prize for his work with IPCC (the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change)

  • Member of the Technical Committee for the United Nations Environmental Program

  • Energy doctorate at MINES ParisTech

  • Engineer of the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers


Cryo Pur technology is adapted for biogas flow rate of 70 to 2,000 Nm3/hr. The undesirable components contained within biogas (H2O, H2S, COV, siloxanes, CO2) are captured through cryo-condensation, freezing each component for optimal biogas upgrading.

The CO2 is retrieved in liquid form, the extremely high level of purity enabling revalorization. Once purified, the biomethane fulfills the characteristics necessary to be injected into the natural gas grid. In order to be transported to a valorization site, or for use as fuel for HGV, biomethane is liquefied in the form of bio-LNG.

The key to Cryo Pur technology is that it performs all of these functions with minimal electric energy consumption, in the area of 0.5 kWh/Nm3 of raw biogas, for both upgrading and liquefaction.

Advantages of Cryo Pur cryogenic upgrading

Zero loss of biomethane

Optimal availability of the installation

Adaptable to high variations of biogas flow rate

Heat recovered from the refrigeration units reused for the digester

Pure biomethane product

Pure bioCO2 product

Advantages of Cryo Pur biomethane liquefaction

The separation of air gases (nitrogen and oxygen), allowing the valorization of landfill biogas

Minimal consumption of electric energy through the association of cryogenic upgrading and liquefaction


The Cryo Pur industrial demonstrator was built in partnership with SUEZ-Environnement as part of the BioGNVal project, and partially funded by the ‘Invest in the Future’ program run by the ADEME (French Environment and Energy Management Agency).

The demonstrator performs biogas upgrading and biomethane liquefaction on biogas from sewage sludge, as well as the separation of bioCO2. The demonstrator is dimensioned for a nominal debit of 120 Nm3/h of biogas.

During 2014, the demonstrator successfully performed all of its functions at the CNPP public utility site at Vernon:

  • Cryogenic CO2 capture

  • Biomethane liquefaction

  • Nitrogen and oxygen separation


The Cryo Pur system is a response to three major challenges faced by our society:

Public health protection

Used as a fuel, Bio-LNG enables a considerable reduction of polluting emissions and represents a genuine alternative to diesel:

  • zero emission of fine particles,

  • -70 % NOx emissions,

  • -50 % noise pollution.

The fight against climate change

Biomethane and Bio-LNG are renewable energies produced from waste which makes them neutral in terms of greenhouse-gas emissions. Their usage allows the de-carbonization of the energy mix. Bio-LNG is the only sustainable solution for long-distance haulage operated by heavy goods vehicles.

The development of a local circular economy

The Cryo Pur system adheres to the principals of a circular economy. It allows the valorization of waste products, creating exciting prospects for the future. Collectivities and businesses will be able to produce their own energy from their own waste, reducing our dependence on the importation of fossil fuels, generating supplementary income – particularly for farmers – and consolidating a local, ecological economy.

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